Pottery and Ceramics

I know art, it’s the stuff that
glues the collective experience, provides insight ....
Art aims to reevaluate.

I saw my first piece of handcrafted pottery in 1972 in a flowershop.  I thought it the most beautiful object I had ever encountered.  Many decades and thousand upon thousands of pots later, pottery still resonates within me like a giant harmonic chord. The notion that a person can handle a vessel and, in a sense, share the space with the craftsman by placing their fingertips in the throwing marks, is intriguing.  I have handled pottery shards from the Nabateans of Jordan, the early Roman empire and the Anasazi Indians. There is a timeless connection to these ancient artisans and it all happens through mud, water, and fire.

We have built a pottery life and business based on the handcrafted bowl.  It is an open form, inviting and accepting.  The surface provides a wonderful space for designs, colors, and brush stokes.  A bowl can sit flat or be displayed standing upright in a stand.  It’s versatility and simple motions when throwing the form on the potter’s wheel is, truly, one of my favorite experiences on this planet and probably why I keep coming back and back and back for more.

For many decades Tom and I have debated the appreciation of art objects.  He insists that art is more valued when hanging on walls.  I assert that one relishes their art when taking it out of the dishwasher and filling the vessel with one’s morning cereal. Pottery is very close to my heart.