Public Art

What is the role of art?
Can art define the political?
How about transforming the notions of citizenship,
the weave of everyday life,
the architecture of our urban landscape,
our understandings of democracy?

In the ever present challenge to soften the urban landscape, to create municipal centers that are more human, more vibrant, expressive, contemporary, and economically vital, cities are turning to the installations of public art statements. Understanding the necessity of creating urban spaces that connect people to their surroundings, the majority of cities and states throughout the country have adopted ordinances stipulating that a percentage of a public facility’s budget must go towards the installation of art.  Gaining momentum since the 1970’s, the art work erected is changing the face of our communities.  Everywhere from mass transportation lines to the hallowed halls of our courts, these expressions enliven spaces and provide a public service to the residents by creating an artistic sensibility.