Who Says it’s ART

Is Art About making Pretty Things?

Is the artistic expression a
solitary stroke which can be translated into some inner dimension?


maybe it’s a critical process with a hint
of the public ....what others think indifferent

to what is thought,
an imaginary relationship where the
material versus the spatial come into play,
a celebration that invites pause,
a moment of hesitation.

What is the role of art?
Can art define the political?
Can it imagine new forms of intervention,
engagement, interpretation, and interference?
How about transforming the notions of citizenship,
the weave of everyday life,
the architecture of our urban landscape,
our understandings of democracy?

I know art, it’s the stuff that
glues the collective experience, provides insight
incites debates and
raises awareness
drop kicks you to investigate new ideas of being, breathing, bringing life
into non-spaces
that become places for
artists and activists;
the police are now
Art aims to reevaluate.