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American Concrete Convention, Las Vegas 2008

Since so much of our public art work centers around concrete these days, we thought it only appropriate to attend the national convention in Las Vegas.  Researching the event at their website I learn the dates and entry fees.... around $300 per person.  Throughout our relationship Tom and I have has always savored the opportunity to sneak into events and I thought this convention, if we could pull it off, could be another notch on our belts. Using Adobe Photo shop Tom gets the concrete logo, adds a photograph of each of us and emblazons across the top of the card, PRESS.  Digging through the drawer we find the plastic sleeves, insert the cards and hang it around our necks. We’re on.  Approaching the first gate with the security officer standing guard, we reassess our tactics and question what we will do if anyone confronts us.  Ummm… easy enough, run.... all the while yelling,… We’re artists.... we’re sorry.... don’t shoooooot.  Nobody gave us a second look....which is only encouragement to keep trying. 

Posted on 01/29 at 10:22 PM

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