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been gone far too long

Have had to put the parking garage on hold as we turned our attention to the Aurora installation.  Current photos of the project are on the website.  The installation was a bit stressful simply because we had an eighth inch tolerance between the pipes in the foundations and the pipes in the structures.  As it turned out, the pipes matched up perfectly but the real challenge turned out to be the rigging of the forms with the crane.  We erroneously thought that the crane operators would know all about moving mass, which they do, but their primary concern was protecting the art work as they lowered the forms into the foundations. Took hours and hours.  Lift it up, set it down.  Reposition the clutch, lift it up, set it down.  On and on.  We finally met with success after five hours of this dance routine and the finish product made every stressful moment worthwhile.  Now, back to the garage piece. 

Posted on 11/29 at 09:46 AM

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