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Donor Recognition Walls

I am going to do a quick series on the significance of donor walls for organizations.  On occasion I have heard people will ask why should they install a donor wall.  What is the significance? After all, the money could be put towards the project, they take up room and who reads them anyway?  Good points to consider and having installed a number of walls over the years I have come to some understanding of their role.  Recognition walls are visible expressions that acknowledge the individuals and foundations who contributed to a dream with the intention of making it a reality.  Think about it… there are so many great ideas floating around out there.... ideas to eradicate leprosy, save the whales, teach the viola to children in Tibet, harvest the plankton in the Mekong Delta and convert it into jet fuel, build the world’s largest library....but none of them will reach fruition without the help of others who understand and believe in the concept, and step forward to provide funding.  It is these individuals and foundations that deserve public recognition because without them, the dream would be… just a dream. 

Posted on 12/10 at 09:30 AM

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