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Garage update Part 4

Being an artist that creates work for the public domain is like doing a rough interpretation of an Annie Oakley stunt.  She would straddle two racing horses down the concourse with the reins in one hand, waving to the crowds with the other and a wide Texas grin plastered on her face. Then she would drop the hand wave, pull out a six shooter and commence firing at the target, scoring a perfect ten. In public art, the artist has to create the vision, sell the dream and then fabricate the piece with such a flourish it makes the committee swoon. 

Met with our architect, Terrance Patrick Riley, and brainstormer, Randy Ford yesterday morning to begin the process of solving the connections.  We realized quickly enough that other challenges are lingering in the wings: namely, how to keep the metal from vibrating off the walls during one of Pueblo’s infamous wind storms.  We entertained the idea of installing the art work on its own separate panel and then lifting the whole shebang as one unit.  Okay… what to use for the panel? 

Tom and I scoured through the junk yard today looking for thin sheets of aluminum that can be cut for the working model.  Ended up at Home DePot where we purchased the metal that roofers use to line the valley’s of roof sections.  Cuts easy enough with scissors.  Tomorrow we will get started. 

Posted on 10/20 at 06:45 PM

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