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The best donor walls occur when they are part of the original design.  When the architect, Board of Directors, CEO, and fund raising director all understand the importance of acknowledging their contributors, the donor wall becomes as much of a priority as the infrastructure in the building.  Unfortunately, though, this is seldom the case.  The idea floats around the construction discussions like a butterfly… ‘oh yes, we have to do something’ but the need keeps getting pushed to the back until the doors are ready to open and the ribbon is cut. 

This is when you find the donor wall in the stairwell.  Or, the optimal wall for a mural has the emergency sprinkler hydrant located in the middle of it, requiring extensive funds to relocate the fixture. Interestingly enough, this often seems the preferable solution rather than designating a site early in the design phase. Remember, a little planning on placement can save time and money.

Posted on 12/13 at 05:51 PM

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