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New commission at Pueblo Parking Garage

Public art is not for sissies.  It requires a resilient skin that can fluff off rejection and a stamina akin to metal as one waits for decisions on a proposal.  The commission at the new Parking Garage being constructed in Pueblo, Colorado was no exception.  Even though we were applying to an audience that is familiar with our previous work, every public commission can be viewed as a crap shoot. You throw your ideas into the pool of options, never knowing what the committee envisions for a particular space yet hoping that they can translate the design concept from a cardboard mock-up to the actual site. Questions always abound and, as was the case in this instance, not having the opportunity to make a personal presentation the artist is left wondering how the coordinator will best answer the issues that arise. 

The process of selecting an artist for a commission is basically the same in most cities.  The committee members are given a piece of paper with the name of each contestant.  On the paper are sections with various criteria: experience of the artist, concept of the design, materials selected and context of the work submitted. After the presentation each member then rates the artist on a score between one and ten, ten being the highest.  The scores are added and the artist with the highest number wins the commission.  Ta-da!

More to come tomorrow.......

Posted on 10/17 at 12:13 PM

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