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Pueblo Parking Garage - Part 2

By a slim margin of three points Tom and I secured the job for the art work.  Now the fabrication. 

This is a new direction for us because the concept we proposed uses powder coating on aluminum and one that we will not personally make.  We will oversee all the steps from selecting the gauge of the aluminum, drawing the forms that will be fed into a computer that will dictate to the laser beam what to cut, work with the engineer to devise the attachment system to hold the artwork to the wall, and coordinate the color layout with the powder coater.  It sounds so easy but through experience I know that such a job will entail literally hundreds of emails, site visits, miscommunication, hours in meetings and a certain amount of hair pulling. Is this what making art is about?  It’s a long way from the potter’s wheel but I remind myself of Jean Claude and Christo.  How they say every part of the job is the art; how the final piece is only a synthesis of all the steps and all the people and all the confusion and resolutions.  Sounds a bit like a new age bumper sticker… it’s not the destination that matters, but the journey.  Appropriate it is on a car bumper because rarely is the ride a smooth one. 

Posted on 10/18 at 11:50 AM

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