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Parking Garage Part 3

In order to determine how this sculpture is going to connect to the concrete panel, it is necessary for us to build a new model.  The first one was more like a performance piece to inspire the committee into selecting the concept. This new model will be workable, one built to scale so we can actually begin designing the connecting system.  It will have to be constructed from a material thin enough to be cut with a utility knife yet rigid to hold its form as we bend and manipulate the shapes. Tom is thinking of some kind of aluminum while my inclinations lean more to poster board with each piece backed with a strand of thin wire. We need to decide this detail quickly as the contractor is reminding us that Stresscon will be pouring the panels within the next two weeks.

This little tidbit of information… we need it NOW...can shrink the creative process faster than hot water on a wool sweater. And when I first heard those words, my gut reaction said “run”.  I have far too many angels dancing on the head of my pin to try and cram another one into the space.  But, experience has taught me that a few deep breaths can help a world of panic and cool the head, assisting me in my problem solving options. Soon the contractor helped me to discover that it is not necessary to deliver the actual piece in two weeks, just the information as to where to locate the connections before they pour. The sculpture can arrive in March, the original date of delivery. 

Posted on 10/18 at 01:54 PM

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