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Pit falls in the donor wall world

When considering the installation of a donor wall there are some major traps that need to be avoided.  The first is don’t double up on the projects.  Meaning, if there is going to be a brick pathway in the courtyard, don’t think of engraving the donor’s names into the bricks.  Not a good idea walking on the names of those you are recognizing.  The same goes with benches.  Not a preferable placement spot to have visitors sitting on the names of those responsible for helping to create the facility. Above all, NEVER install a donor wall in a stairwell, regardless of how broad the steps or how spacious the space.  Stairs are designed for movement.  Donor walls are designed for study. The two are mutually exclusive of each other and serious safety issues arise when that is overlooked.

Donor walls function best when installed in areas specially designed for their purpose.... a wall, a passageway, a meditation room.  And ideally, to operate with their full intention… which is recognition… it is best to locate them in places where people gather… a waiting room, a central part of the building where a restaurant, cashier, restroom, or gift shop converge. This provides the opportunity for the public to leisurely study the names. In turn, they also assess their experience at the facility and determine if they want to contribute more than just a membership. Because, after all, that is the second goal of recognition walls.  To inspire individuals to become a part of continuing the dream, to add their name to that list.

Posted on 12/10 at 09:30 PM

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