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Public Art is not for the faint of heart

There are many questions that an artist must ask themselves when
considering producing work for public art.  And these questions extend far beyond the
specific information of digital images and contract negotiations to encompass the
importance of addressing how we, as artists, sustain ourselves while learning to navigate
through the waters of public art. These are waters where one can literally sink and
disappear while swimming for the raft.  The emotional, financial, and physical challenges
that come with making the transition from studio to public art can be so monumental and
overwhelming that one must ask a series of questions in order to determine if these are
truly the waters into which you want to venture.

Public art is not for everyone, especially the weak at heart.  It is an aggressive world
wrought equally with rejection and self doubt on the one hand and fabulous opportunities
of expression on the other. But the reality of the situation is that an artist can have the
best photos in the world, can erect the most prominent pieces on display in a community
and yet, none of this will constitute job security.  Public art is very competitive. 

Posted on 07/01 at 05:34 PM

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